Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Electrical power generator set where the waste heat is used to heat water for building heat supply or for industrial processes.

The result is a more efficient use of fuel compared to electrical power generator sets where the waste heat is dumped into the air or rivers.

The functionality of the micro-CHP is relatively simple: A gas-fired Stirling engine is integrated into the wall-mounted boiler. The temperature difference between the heat and cold water is used to generate electricity. The current design makes it possible to produce a maximum of 1 kW of electrical energy, of which up to 900 W can be used directly. If the household consumes less, the excess is fed into the power grid of the energy supplier. Copyright Siemens AG, Munich/Berlin

Diesel Engine

A reciprocating internal combustion engine which ignites the fuel/air mixture by compression. The diesel engine has a high mechanical efficiency and hence a high power/heat ratio in CHP applications.

See also: Combined Cooling Heat and Power, Combined Water and Power.

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