A fastening device which secures something within its jaws without constant human pressure.

Band Clamp

For clamping round, oval and odd-shaped pieces. Consists of nylon band and ratchet mechanism. When used in conjunction with corner blocks it can be used to clamp objects such as picture frames.

Bar Clamp

A tool with a stationary head and a sliding foot used for clamping over a large distance.

Corner Clamp

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Designed to hold two pieces together at 90 to each other.

F Clamp

Carpentry clamps in the shape of an F.

Floor Clamp

Aids to fixing tongue and grooved flooring. They clamp to the floor joists and exert pressure on the boards to close the joints.

Frame Clamp

Uses corner blocks and long-threaded rods with sliding speed nuts to assemble square, rectangular and other oddly-shaped work pieces.

G Clamp

A screw-activated clamping device in the shape of the letter "G".

K Clamp

Joinery sash clamp named after the shape of the main bar which is a K rather than T shape.

Squeeze Clamps or Easy Clamps

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Light duty clamps applied with one hand with an automatic advancing squeeze handle.

Three-way Edge Clamp

C-clamp design with a third screw that applies right angle pressure to the edge. Used to apply and repair mouldings, decorative trim and edging.

Toggle Clamps

Hand operated lever clamps which can quickly apply pressure and just as easily release it. Very useful for repetition work.

Woodworking Pipe Clamps

Clamp ends that are attached to standard diameter steel pipes.

See also: Mormon Clamp.

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