Circuit Breaker

A protective device used to open a circuit when current exceeds a maximum value. In effect a reusable fuse.

Air Blast Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker using compressed air to force the extinction of the arc through an arc-chute system.

Air Circuit Breaker

Air is the medium of electrical insulation between electrically live parts and grounded (earthed) metal parts.

Clearing Time

The interval between the time the actuating quantity in the main circuit reaches the value causing actuation of the release and the instant of final arc extinction on all poles of the primary arcing contacts. It is numerically equal to the sum of the contact parting time plus the arcing time.

Connected Position

The position of the removable element in which both the primary and secondary disconnecting devices are in full contact.

Distribution Circuit Breaker

A device used for overload and short current protection of loads connected to a main distribution device.

Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker using a relatively small quantity of mineral oil for its arc-interruption method.

SF6 Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker that uses SF6 (Sulphur Hexafluoride) gas for its interrupting method.

See also: Air Circuit Breaker, Distribution Circuit Breaker, Over Current Device, Quick to Break, Quick to Make, Risers, Switchgear, Trip Element, Trip Free Circuit Breaker.

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Subjects: Electrical Engineering