Chemical Reaction

A process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another.

Charge Transfer Reaction

A chemical reaction where an electrical charge is transferred from one reactant to another.

See also: Addition Reaction, Charge Transfer Reaction, Combination Reaction, Coupled Reactions, Decomposition Reaction, Displacement Reaction, Disproportionation, Elementary Reaction, Elementary Step, Equilibrium Expressions, First Order Reaction, Formation Reaction, Half Reactions, Heat of Reaction, Net Chemical Reaction, Neutralization Reaction, Order of Reaction, Oxidation Half Reaction, Oxidation Reaction, Rate of Reaction, Reaction, Reaction Mechanism, Reaction Quotient, Reaction Rate, Reactive Intermediate, Rearrangement Reaction, Redox Reaction, Reduction Half Reaction, Reduction Reaction, Second Order Reaction, Standard Enthalpy of Reaction, Standard Entropy of Reaction, Substitution Reaction, Terminal Reaction, Thermochemical Equation, Transformation Rate, Unimolecular Reaction, Zero Order Reaction.

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Subjects: Chemistry