Cast Iron

A ferrous alloy; the carbon content is greater than the maximum solubility in austenite at the eutectic temperature.

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Density 7000 to 7400 kgm-3Clip
Youngs modulus 83E+09 to 170E+09 Nm-2Clip
Poissons ratio 0.2 to 0.3 Clip
Linear expansivity 0.0000105 K-1Clip
Latent heat of fusion 126000 Jkg-1Clip
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See also: Bainite, Cast Iron BS1452 Grade 220, Cast Iron BS1452 Grade 250, Cast Iron BS1452 Grade 260, Cast Iron Gears, Heat Treating Cast Iron, Iron, Iron Foundry, Malleable Cast Iron, Wrought Iron.

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Subjects: Materials

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