An instrument for taking photographs consisting of a lightproof box, shutter, adjustable aperture and a lens through which an image is focussed on a light sensitive film or sensor.

Kodak No. 2 Brownie box camera introduced around 1910.

Kodak Brownie 127 introduced in 1952. The body was made from Bakelite.

Olympus Trip 35 First introduced in 1968 this little compact was a huge success due to the very good quality lens and ease of use. 35mm film format.

Yashica Mat 124G this particular Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) was first introduced in 1970. The film format was 2¼" square. This medium format film was the choice of portrait, fashion and landscape photographers as the cameras were still portable and gave fanatastic results.

Minolta AFZ compact 35mm autofocus.

Canon EOS IX SLR APS camera introduced in 1996.

Olympus C-2020 Zoom a 2.1 megapixel digital camera introduced in 1999.

See also: Camera Lens, Camera Obscura, C-Mount, CS-Mount, Lens Mount, Lens Thread M39, Lens Thread M42, Lens Thread T2, Thermal Imaging Camera, Tripod Mounts.

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