British Standard Pipe

A family of standard screw thread types that has been adopted internationally for interconnecting and sealing pipe ends.

Nominal Size(inches)T P IPitch(inches)Major Diameter(inches)Minor Diameter(inches)Tapping Drill Size
1/16280.03570.3040.25836.6 mm (Letter drill G)
1/8280.03570.3830.33728.73mm (11/32 inch)
1/4190.05260.5180.454611.8mm (0.4646 inch)
3/8190.05260.6560.588615.25mm (0.6004 inch)
1/2140.07140.8250.733619.05mm (3/4 inch)
5/8140.07140.9020.810621mm (0.8268 inch)
3/4140.07141.0410.949624.5mm (0.9646 inch)
7/8140.07141.1891.097628.25mm (1.1122 inch)
1 inch110.09091.3091.192630.75mm (1.2106 inch)

See also: Pipe, Thread.

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Subjects: Mechanical Engineering