Brake Horse Power

This is the useful power available at the flywheel of an engine. Nowadays engine power is often quoted in PS. 1PS=0.9863bhp.

It was first used by the engineer James Watt, who employed it to compare the power of steam engines with that of horses. In the UK, one horsepower is equal to 550 foot-pounds per second or 745.7 watts. In the USA this figure has been rounded to 746 watts, and in the metric system it is 735.5 watts.

1 BHP=745.7 Watts 1 BHP=33000 ft lbf min-1
1 BHP=1.01389 PS 1 BHP=42.41 BTU min-1

pushing or pulling horizontally10.097 BHP
treading a machine10.09 BHP
winding a crank10.081 BHP
hand lifting 20kg10.045 BHP
Digging a trench10.014 BHP
Note 1 based on a man in good health working for 8 hours per day

See also: Brake Power, Friction Horse Power, Indicated Horsepower, Indicated Mean Effective Pressure, Mechanical Efficiency, Power, RAC Horsepower Rating, Shaft Horse Power.

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