A cylindrical threaded fastener.

Bolt with washer and then nut threaded onto the bolt.

Coach or Carriage Bolt

A small rounded head with a square section under the head designed to stop the bolt rotating.

Flanged Bolt

A bolt with a built in washer on the head.

Machine Bolt

Bolt with a plain hexagonal head.

Socket or Caphead Bolt

Fastened with a hexagonal Allen key.

T Bolt

The head of the bolt is designed to locate in the T slots of a bedplate.

U Bolt

A U-shaped, bent iron bar that has bolts and threads at both ends.

See also: Anchor Bolt, Bolted Joint, Breakaway Torque, Hot Bolting, Nut, Screw, Snug Torque, Thread, Washer.

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Subjects: Fixings and Fasteners