1. An abbreviation of binary digit, the smallest unit of binary data.
  2. A single character of a language employing only two distinct kinds of characters.
  3. A quantity of intelligence which is carried by an identifiable entity and which can exist in either of two states.
  4. A unit of storage capacity; the capacity in bits of a storage device is the logarithm to the base two of the number of possible states of the device.
  5. A quantum of information.
  6. Loosely, a mark.

See also: Baud Rate, Big Endian, Bitrate, bits per second, Bitstream, Byte, Byte Aligned, Crumb, Least Significant Bit (LSB), Little Endian, Most Significant Bit (MSB), Nibble, Parity Bit, Resolution, Word, Wyde.

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Subjects: Computing Electronics