A situation involving listening with two ears. Binaural sound also refers to a specific sound playback technology, used mainly in headphones-based research and virtual reality applications, in which an individual's Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF's) are determined and synthesized to enable 3-D auditory experiences that are indistinguishable from reality.

Historical Notes

  1. 1931 Alan Dower Blumlein was granted a patent "Improvements In and Relating to Sound-Transmissions, Sound-Recording and Sound-Reproducing Systems". In this patent he examines the physiology of the human binaural hearing process and the spatial illusion produced by "two or more loudspeakers", the use of multiple microphones for the recording, details a dual 45/45-degree phono cutter head for producing stereo record masters and proposes a means of transmitting stereo radio.

See also: Acoustics, Auralization, Blumlein, Alan Dower, Diotically, Head Related Transfer Function, Interaural Level Difference, Localization Accuracy, Psychoacoustics.

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Subjects: Noise & Vibration