Battery Charger

A device capable of supplying electrical energy to a battery.

Charge Rate

The current applied to charge a battery to restore its available capacity. This current is usually expressed in terms of the rated capacity of the battery C Rate.

Cut-Off Voltage

The selected voltage at which charge or discharge is terminated.

Float Charging

A constant-voltage charge regime applied over extended periods to maintain a battery in the fully-charged state.


Discharge past the point where the full capacity of the cell has been obtained.

Slow Charge

Charging at a rate of about 5-10% of a battery′s rated capacity.

Taper Charge

A charge regime delivering moderately high rate charging current when the battery is at a low state of charge and tapering the charging current to lower rates as the battery is charged.

Trickle Charge

A charge at a low rate, balancing losses through a local action and/or periodic discharge, to maintain a cell or battery in a fully charged condition.

See also: Battery, Battery Conditioning, Charging, Charging Voltage, Constant Current Battery Charger, Taper Charging, Wireless Charging.

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