Ball Bearing

A bearing designed to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads.

CAD image showing complete bearing and then a section through the bearing.

Bearing Frequencies

Faults in any of the four bearing components will generate specific frequencies dependent upon the bearing geometry and rotating speed.

Bearing Misalignment

A misalignment that results when the bearings supporting a shaft are not aligned with each other. The bearings may not be mounted in parallel planes, cocked relative to the shaft, or distorted due to foundation settling or thermal growth.

Bearing Nomenclature

Each bearing manufacturer has specific codes applied as prefixes and suffixes to their bearings. These codes inform the user of the construction, materials, clearances, and other factors used in the construction of the bearing. Consult the individual manufacturer's handbook for specific code meaning.


The bearing cage is a device used to seperate the rolling elements of a bearing.

Cage pocket

A section of a bearing cage that retains the ball.

Double row bearing

A bearing having two rows of rolling elements. Normally used where radial loads are high and a compact bearing solution is required.

Open Bearing

A ball bearing that does not have a shield, seal or guard on either of the two sides of the bearing casing.

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