A self-powered vehicle that travels on land typically with three or four wheels and with 2 to 9 seats.

Historical Notes

  1. 1769 Cugnot′s carriage is the first large steam tractor. It was slow, clumsy and difficult to control.
  2. 1801 Richard Trevithick built a road carriage powered by steam.
  3. 1863 Jean-Joseph-Etienne Lenoir builds a horseless carriage that uses an internal combustion engine.
  4. 1877 Four stroke internal combustion engine invented by Nikolaus Otto.
  5. 1885 Karl Benz builds a three-wheel automobile powered by a gasoline engine.
  6. 1892 Diesel engine invented by Rudolf Diesel.
  7. 1887 Gottlieb Daimler uses his internal combustion engine to build a four-wheel vehicle, considered the first modern automobile.
  8. 1908 Henry Ford begins making the Model T. First-year production is 10660 cars.
  9. 1913 Ford Motor Company develops the first moving assembly line for automobiles.

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