The amount of space taken up in a plane by a figure.

The number of square units needed to cover a surface.

The derived SI unit of Area
The derived SI unit of area is the m2.

1 m2=1.19599 yd2 1 acre=4.046856x103 m2
1 Barn (b)=10-28 m2 1 in2=6.4516 cm2
1 square mile=2.58999 km2 1 acre=0.4046856 hectare
1 hectare=10000 m2 1 yard2=0.836 m2

Pacific Ocean165384000 km2
China9560900 km2
France543965 km2

See also: Approximate Area, Are, Barn, Cross Sectional Area, Mensuration, Quadrature.

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