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Differential Calculus
That part of calculus that deals with the operation of differentiation of functions.
Differential Equations
Equations that express the rate of change of an equation.
A mathematical operation that differentiates a signal or function.
Discrete Fourier Transform
The digital version of the fourier transform.
Exponential Function
The function f(x)=ex.
Exponential Function to Base a
The function f(x)=ax.
Fast Fourier Transform
An algorithm, or digital calculation routine, that efficiently calculates the discrete Fourier transform from the sampled time waveform.
A concise statement expressing the symbolic relationship between two or more quantities.
Fourier Analysis
A mathematical analysis of waves, discovered by the French mathematician Fourier (1768-1830).
Fourier Series
Decomposes periodic functions or periodic signals into the sum of a set of simple oscillating functions.
Fourier Transform
The mathematically rigorous operation which transforms from the time domain to the frequency domain and vice versa.
The inverse of differentiation. Mathematical process used in calculus.
Knee of a Curve
The point on a curve where change begins to occur.
Standard Differential Equations
A listing of some of the standard differential equations.

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