Aluminium Temper

The heat treatment and coding as applied to aluminium.

Aluminium Temper Code
FAs fabricated
HStrain hardened by cold working with or without thermal treatment
H1XStrain hardened without cold working
H2XStrain hardened with partial annealed
H3XStrain hardened and stabilized with low temperature heating
HX2 Hard
HX4 Hard
HX6 Hard
HX8Full Hard
HX9Extra Hard
OAnnealed (Full Soft) or T0
T1Cooled from hot working and naturally aged (at room temperature)
T2Cooled from hot working, cold worked and naturally aged
T3Solution heat treated, cold worked and naturally aged
T4Solution heat treated and naturally aged
T5Cooled from hot working and artificially aged (at elevated temperatures)
T6Solution heat treated and artificially aged
T7Solution heat treated and stabilized
T8Solution heat treated, cold worked and artificially aged
T9Solution heat treated, artificially aged and cold worked

See also: Aluminium 1000 series, Aluminium 2000 series, Aluminium 3000 series, Aluminium 4000 series, Aluminium 5000 series, Aluminium 6000 series, Aluminium 7000 series, Aluminium 8000 series, Temper.

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