Alpha Particle

A positively charged particle emitted from the nuclei of certain atoms during radioactive disintegration. The alpha particle has an atomic weight of 4 and a positive charge equal in magnitude to 2 electronic charges; hence it is essentially a the nucleus of helium consisting of two protons and two neutrons, He2+.

Alpha particles rapidly dissipate their energy as they pass through materials, and are far less penetrating than beta particles and gamma rays.

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alpha particle mass 6.64465598e-27 kgClip
alpha particle to electron mass ratio 7294.299508 Clip
alpha particle to proton mass ratio 3.9725996846 Clip
alpha particle molar mass 4.0015061747e-3 kgmol-1Clip
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See also: Alpha Radiation, Beta Particle, Gamma Rays, Geiger, Johannes, Helium, Neutron, Proton, Radioactive Decay, Radionuclide.

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Subjects: Physics