Air Intake System

The system that channels clean air and fuel to an internal combustions engine. The primary function is to channel clean and cool air to the engine. In indirect injection engines the fuel is added at the last point before the air fuel mixture enters the cylinder head and passes through the air intake valve. In the case of direct injection engines no fuel is added until after the air is within the cylinder.

The four primary functions are:

  1. Channel air to the engine - Preferably cold air. Therefore, orifice best placed in the main airstream e.g. front of engine bay, behind headlamp unit.
  2. Filter particulates - The filter element needs to be large enough to filter the required volume of air and achieve necessary service life.
  3. Dynamic performance tuning - The length of the pipes (ram pipes) connecting the valve face to the plenum are tuned to improve the engine breathing at the desired engine speed.
  4. Reduce noise - Pulsating noise is produced as the engine draws air in (intake noise) for the combustion process.

If you following the air through the system from the point at which it is picked up then the following describes it′s progress:

See also: Air Intake Manifold, Air Intake Noise, Air Intake Valve, Exhaust System, Internal Combustion Engine.

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