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A vehicle capable of flight within and outside the sensible atmosphere.
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Thrust augmentation feature of a gas turbine engine.
Atomic Rocket
A projected rocket engine in which the energy for the jetstream is to be generated by atomic fission or fusion.
Any liquid or solid weight placed in a vehicle to change the weight distribution or trim.
Balloon Type Rocket
A liquid-fuel rocket that requires the pressure of its propellants within it to give it structural integrity.
Chemical Rocket Engine
Contain or carry along it′s own fuel and oxidizer, usually in either liquid or solid form.
Liquid Air Rocket
A rocket engine in which the oxidizer is liquid air obtained by liquefaction of the air entering the air-breathing inlet.
A rocket engine in which an air-breathing inlet and duct system are added, permitting atmospheric air to be introduced at the exit of the rocket combustion chamber.
Commonly used term for a launch vehicle.
Rocket Assisted Takeoff
Utilising solid or liquid fuel rockets to augment the take-off.
Rocket Engine
A reaction engine that carries all fuel and components for combustion and so not requiring intake of any outside substance and hence capable of operation in outer space.
Rocket Fuel
A fuel, either liquid or solid, developed for, or used by, a rocket.
Rocket Nozzle
The exhaust nozzle of a rocket engine.
Rocket Propellant
Any agent used for consumption or combustion in a rocket and from which the rocket derives its thrust, such as a fuel, oxidizer, additive, catalyst, or any compound or mixture of these.
Solid Rocket
A rocket that uses a solid propellant.
Theoretical Rocket
An ideal Rocket.
Small reaction engines on a spacecraft that can provide thrust used to control its orbit, orientation and attitude.
The amount that a container, such as a fuel tank, lacks of being full.
Ullage Rocket
A small rocket used in space to impart an acceleration to a tank system to insure that the liquid propellants collect in the tank in such a manner as to flow properly into the pumps or thrust chamber.
Zero g
The condition when no force (such as weight) is sensed.
Zero Gravity
The condition when no force (such as weight) is sensed.
Zero-Length Rocket
A rocket with sufficient thrust to launch a vehicle directly into the air.

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