Acoustic Tile

A descriptive term often used to describe commercially available room acoustic treatment. These tiles are often used in false ceilings where the acoustics within the room in question needs to be improved. However, the location of the absorption is as important as the amount that is applied.


ASTM C367 Strength Properties of Prefabricated Architectural Acoustical Tile or Lay-In Ceiling Panels

ASTM C 635 Standard specification for metal suspension systems for acoustical tile and lay-in ceilings.

ASTM C 636 Standard practice for installation of metal ceiling suspension systems for acoustical tile and lay-in panel

ASTM E 580 Standard practice for application of ceiling suspension systems for acoustical tile and lay-in panels in areas requiring seismic restraint

ASTM E 1264 Standard for the classification of acoustical ceiling products

See also: Ceiling Attenuation Class.

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Subjects: Architectural Acoustics Noise & Vibration

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