Made by the action of water on calcium carbide. Used for welding as the flame temperature is roughly 3300C when burnt with oxygen.


Also known as

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Density 1.173 at STP 610 at 193K kgm-3Clip
Boiling Point 189 KClip
Specific heat capacity 1590 Jkg-1K-1Clip
Ratio of Specific Heats 1.26 Clip
Thermal conductivity 0.0184 at STP Wm-1K-1Clip
Refractivity 0.000606 Clip
Viscosity 0.00000935 Nsm-2Clip
Critical Temperature 309 KClip
Critical Pressure 6140000 PaClip
Critical Volume 0.000113 m3mol-1Clip
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Subjects: Chemistry